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Published on Tuesday, 21 April 2015 Written by Big Apple Basketball

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To provide exposure and assist young people in their athletic, educational, professional, and life skill development, while providing family and community focused programs and events.


Founded in 1999 by Jason Curry, Big Apple Basketball (BAB) is a grassroots, 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that hosts basketball events, conducts clinics, offers college scholarship programs, mentoring programs and manages teams. Since its founding, Big Apple Basketball has grown steadily, launching a full slate of athletic and educational programming and events in April 2003.


Big Apple Basketball assists student-athletes with preparation for college athletics and scholarship opportunities by providing skill development, mentoring, exposure to college coaches, media and the general public, community service outreach, and opportunities for summer jobs and internships.

Big Apple Basketball is an asset to the community by serving as a clearinghouse to educate and assist parents on the process of finding and selecting those academic, athletic, and scholarship programs best suited to the needs of their children.

Big Apple Basketball works closely with college and high school coaches to identify academically qualified students, build contacts between schools, and to facilitate the transition from high school to college athletics for student-athletes.

We work to build strong communities by reaching out to other community groups, sharing resources and collaborating on events that engage families, business, and local organizations in activities that educate, develop, and support youth.


Big Apple Basketball seeks to strengthen communities by reaching out to community groups, sharing resources and collaborating on events that engage families, businesses, and local organizations. BAB facilitates activities that develop, educate, and support youth in a way that enables them to pursue and fulfill their life dreams. We pave the way by helping student-athletes to become active and productive citizens within the community and beyond. 


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